Message from Management

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to the Qutone website. I hope it will give you a glimpse into our world of premium products and designs, our commitment and our values.

At Qutone, we are motivated to remain an innovative market leader in our field. We are the fastest growing ceramic brand in India. From 8 million square metres, our annual production capacity will touch the 15 million mark in the near future due to our ongoing investment in technology and upgradation. Our distribution network spans across 37 countries and is growing year on year.

We are amongst the few players who have successfully installed SAP to rationalize our supply chain. This has also helped us in improving our overall efficiency and service.

We continue to introduce a wide range of high-quality products in a variety of sizes, colours and finish. We have recently introduced anti-skid and sugar- finish surface tiles to our product portfolio, the first time in India. With the addition of DGVT floor tiles, Double Charges and Soluble Salt Tiles, we now offer a complete basket of products for our customers.

We touch the lives of millions of people around the world who have our tiles in their homes or offices. At present we export to 37 countries across Asia, Middle East, Europe, America and Africa and have built a wide network of partners and distributors.

While we continue to focus on our growth and performance, we remain equally focused on our social responsibility towards the environment and our communities. Wherever we work, who ever we work with, we follow best practices and aspire to leave a positive impact on our communities.

Our success has been possible due to the contribution and dedication of our team, our partners and our customers. We look forward to continuing to serve and engage with them in the future.

Our best wishes