“Make in India” is Qutone Ceramic’s philosophy for keeping aesthetic quality for its products high. It has redefined and transformed the “Made in India” label by raising Production standard which has never been seen before in the country. Qutone is the only supplier to major countries including Germany, Italy, Taiwan, Singapore, and Korea & Middle East.

Spread across 33 acre, Qutone’s manufacturing facility located at Wankaner, Dhuva, Gujarat, is equipped with cutting edge and contemporary Spanish technology that bring out finest output. Currently it has a huge capacity of 25000 sq. mtr per month capable of providing its customers best product and timely delivery.

Qutone believes that internal customer .i.e. employees are the biggest asset and investing in providing the best and suitable working environment is the key to sustainable growth and best output. It provides free and clear working environment with proper ventilation and lighting. The facility maintains the environmental standards with minimum environmental hazards without infringing the ethical standards.

During manufacturing process control process norms are adhered to right from designing, development, procurement, testing, marketing, installation and after sales service.