Qutone Green heritage is vital to our production of porcelain surfacing products that are and always have been sustainable, green, and environmentally-friendly; a commitment to green necessitates a thorough understanding of a product's future. Qutone products are designed to last a lifetime. With a hardness rating that is 30% harder than granite and a low porosity rating, our materials are more durable than any other hard surfacing product. These characteristics result in a reduction of future materials usage, along with a high stain resistance that reduces maintenance requirements. And, our materials are chemically inert making them stable fill for construction sites and for use as ground material in road beds, which reduces the need for quarried gravel. Our corporate environmental stewardship is hallmarked with significant investments in materials usage efficiency, water resource management, air quality protection, and energy efficiency.

These legal requirements have encouraged us even further when setting our own internal goals, leading to minimization of any environmental impacts which can derive from our manufacturing process.

Our Product meets all norms:
  • Under maximum authorized level for pollutant gas emissions.
  • Waste management done through an authorized company.
  • Cardboard and wood packaging
  • Recycling of industrial sewage water.

EMAS REGULATION: environmental efficiency standards for industrial activities and presentation of pertinent information to the public;

ISO 9001 NORM: quality system model which evaluates the organization's capability of supplying certain products or services;

Qutone accomplishes this remaining environmentally conscious during both the extraction and processing stages.

Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas can help Qutone Ceramic meet the growing challenges of quality, safety, environmental protection and social responsibility. Bureau Veritas is also recognized and accredited by major national and international standard.


Qutone Ceramic hold Saudi standard specifications is one of the most important tasks and activities carried out by the Organization. Therefore, Qutone Ceramic fulfill SASO set standards, terms and technical requirements that must be met in products and goods, in order to achieve the acceptable quality limit and to maintain the health and safety of the consumer. A standard specification is a document set up by general agreement and approved by a recognized body.

Eco friendly material

Qutone offers cleaner, more hygienic and ultimately healthier floors and coverings, which also reflects on the environment in which we live. Completely different from the common and less effective systems based on nanotechnology.

Thinking green Think Qutone

Qutone aims to create awareness among designers of the principles of responsible construction, with greater attention to every sector of living. A genuine eco-friendly material which interacts with the environment and measurably improves it.


Qutone R&D wing in Italy

Qutone Ceramics has targeted more forward vertical growth by roping in Mr. ENIO BACCI as Chief Research and Development officer for Qutone Group (CEO & Founder of BE Design). Qutone new design studio in Italy would lead to an evolution of fashion and design.

Mr. Bacci after a long experience in industrial ceramics with Italian and international projects and experiences of trend setting, is all set to take Qutone to the next level of design and make a revolutionary mark in the industry.