Recent Developments

Qutone New Slab Plant

Qutone Ceramics is the fastest growing ceramic brand in the country from a modest revenue in 2008 to 200 Cr. In FY-14-15 offering holistic wall and floor solutions. Annual production capacity of 7 million square meters in near future with turnover of 600 Cr. With a state of art, 1.4 million Sq. Ft. manufacturing facility in Dhurva and two other plants in State. Recent new product launches include the Mega Slab; it is the largest porcelain tiles available.

A wide range of technologies are used at the state of art plants including digital printing technology, slim, anti microbial, double charge and other advanced technologies such as Roto printing, granitech, twin press, water jet, and dry glaze.

Strict technical checks on the properties of tile are applied like water absorption, breaking strength, thermal shock Resistance, resistance to surface Abrasion, frost resistance, Skid Resistance, Flexural Strength, stain Resistance, Chemical Resistance, Glossiness, moisture expansion, surface flatness and straightness of sides.


Qutone R&D wing in Italy

Qutone Ceramics has targeted more forward vertical growth by roping in Mr. ENIO BACCI as Chief Research and Development officer for Qutone Group (CEO & Founder of BE Design). Qutone new design studio in Italy would lead to an evolution of fashion and design.

Mr. Bacci after a long experience in industrial ceramics with Italian and international projects and experiences of trend setting, is all set to take Qutone to the next level of design and make a revolutionary mark in the industry.